WP series
General purpose thermostat
Terminal C-L Cut-in at temperature rise. With SPST or SPDT, and an additional auxiliary switch. There are forced OFF and/or PD points. Type WP-T with two-spring mechanism is a wide differential range.
Available temperature range:-36~+15℃
Adjusting temperature range: max.25℃
Differential: WP(5~14℃) 5~25℃
Typical applications: Refrigerating/freezing devices, automobile air conditioning

WS series
Push-button defrost thermostat
With a push-defrost shaft at the adjusting shaft. When pushing down the defrosting shaft, the mechanism is locked that the switch keeps OFF until the temperature rises to the defrost ending value (DEF), then the mechanism release automatically and the thermostat recovers the normal control cycles.
Available temperature range:-36~+7℃
Adjusting temperature range: Max.18℃
Differential: 6~14℃
Defrost reset temp range: 3~7℃
Typical applications: refrigerators


Terminal C-L cut-in at temperature rise. Terminal L-H of auxiliary switch cut-out when the shaft turned to OFF point.
Terminal C-L can be cut-out at OFF point, and can be forced ON at ON point. The ON temperature is constant at any position from Warm to Cold. the OFF temperature is adjustable. This behavior assure an automatic defrost function.
  The WD-R series with an internal bellows heating resistance connected to C-L, is able to be used at cross-ambient in a refrigerator.
Constant cut-in temp range: +2~+8℃
Available temperature range:-36~+4℃
Adjusting temperature range: Max.19℃
Differential: Min.8℃
Typical applications: refrigerators


Terminal C-L cut-in at temperature rise as normal thermostats. Terminal C-S cut-in at an even higher temperature for alarm signal.
Available temperature range:-36~15℃
Adjusting temperature range: Max.16℃
Differential: 5~10℃
Signal ON-ON differential: 0~8℃
Typical applications: freezers, refrigerators

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