FSTB test method is:

We use the temperature test bath made by ourselves, transmission medium is alcohol,we shall beat up incessantly to make the temperature accordant.

Before testing, we shall use high-precision mercury thermometer to check the error of temperature between alcohol bath and digital readout, it can not be over 0.2℃.

operation requirement:

1.The length of capillary in the alcohol bath shall be over 150mm,sensing time is over 30s.

2.Control the temperature of test bath decreasing and raising to make the thermostats ON and OFF first. That means we will take from the round 2 temperature test data.

3. Then test the thermostats’ temperature of disconnection and connection formally.

4.The increasing and decreasing speed of bath temperature in the range of disconnect(OFF) and connect(ON)  must be within 1℃/min

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